Every human has an innate ability to create. We honor this artistry by encouraging newfound artists to create, as well as supporting communities who have been at their craft for generations. 


It is through our diversity that we recognize our unity. As the human population continues to grow and technology improves, our world is becoming exponentially more globalized. By supporting traditional craftsmanship, Thread Caravan works to preserve the cultures of the world during this time of rapid globalization.


We can learn tremendous amounts through travel. As we experience new people, places and things, we are more capable of seeing life through the eyes of others. Thread Caravan trips spread artisanal knowledge; but more importantly, they expand participants' and artists'  world view by connecting the two.


  Our trips show participants firsthand the effort that goes into making the goods they purchase, allowing them to cultivate an appreciation for the intricacies of the craft. This knowledge allows consumer values to shift from quantity to quality, doing away with disposable buying patterns, and thus conserving the Earth's limited resources.


Fair Living Conditions

By contributing to the livelihoods of artisans in developing countries, we are indirectly supporting improved food security, healthcare, education and living standards as a whole. As the business grows, we will offer further support in these areas through targeted initiative strategies.