Venture with Thread Caravan and Innovando la Tradition 2 hours outside of Oaxaca City to the rural hills of Santo Domingo Tonaltepec for an immersive day of ceramics.

Various regions of Oaxaca have their own respective pottery techniques, developed according to the clay and glazes which they have access to, the firing style they’ve developed over time, and the manners in which they need to use pottery. The town of Tonaltepec is known for pottery that has a splattered stain glaze added during the firing. This tea stain is made using local materials and is purely cosmetic, a rarity for such an old technique.

In this particular region, many families have emigrated for work and there are less and less people staying to work with clay.

The intention of this workshop is to learn about this rare and unique pottery process and the people preserving it, while employing local artisans to continue working with this special technique.

This 1-day workshop includes:

  • Transportation from a central point in Oaxaca City to Tonaltepec, and back

  • Lunch with the artisans (we can accommodate dietary restrictions with at least 2 week notice)

  • Hands on pottery workshop: We will sit with craftswoman Goya to hear about pottery in Tonaltepec and its significance to her. We will watch her build pieces and then we may build pieces of our own. If weather permits, we will also do a firing, one of the more unique processes in this town.

  • A local guide and translator who will accompany the group to facilitate communication

  • Opportunity to purchase ceramics directly from the artisans

Space is limited to 15 guests.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

1-Day Ceramics Workshop in Tonaltepec, Oaxaca
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photos by Kyle Dorosz