Camille robles and Natalia valle thread caravan backstrap weaving guatemala

“Working with my hands has always made me feel the most present in my life. When I came accross Thread Caravan’s list of workshops, I was immediately drawn to the opportunity to participate in a creative workshop in a country I had not been to before. The itinerary looked amazing on paper, but looking back on my week in Guatemala, the actual experience defied my expectations — bonding and exploring with a group of creative women, enjoying delicious food, getting swept away in beautiful vintage textile markets, seeing the different color and pattern textiles between the towns of San Juan, San Antonio and Panajachel — all against the background of Antigua’s rich colors and the silhouetted volcanoes of Lake Atitlan.’

“Working with the multiple incredible women-led co-ops throughout Guatemala was my favorite part of the trip. We can learn so much from the vast indigenous cultures around the world. Thanks to Thread Caravan for creating a wonderful opportunity to explore and learn a new craft and make new friends!”

-Camille Robles

[Guatemala textile workshop]

michelle norris in oaxaca with thread caravan


"I had one of the best trips of my life with Thread Caravan! I really felt like I was able to participate in authentic cultural experiences and see parts of Mexico that I never would have found myself. The whole group was open-hearted and friendly, which made the whole experience magical. I can't recommend Thread Caravan enough for seeing the world in a new and special way."

-Michelle Norris

[Oaxaca mezcal workshop]

claire buyens and sheena schoolcraft natural dyeing on a thread caravan trip


"My trip to Guatemala with Thread Caravan is easily one of my all time favorite journeys! We stayed at super cool places, ate great local food, and met amazing locals and fellow caravaners from all over the world. Caitlin and her team are all so friendly, very well organized, and have great people skills. I always ask a lot of questions and they were always glad to answer. Also, they all have great respect for the culture and people they work with in Guatemala. Can't wait to go on another one!"

-Claire Buyens

[Guatemala weaving workshop]

"The Thread Caravan trip to Panama was an experience that will genuinely stay with me for a lifetime. It's so nice to know you are in good hands, with insider knowledge and expertise provided, transportation and meals planned, and the perfect mix of time to do your own thing and be with the group. The trip was equal parts adventure and relaxation.' 

"I learned so much about a remote and little-known culture with a bold history. The islands are the kind you thought only existed as computer screensavers and the snorkeling is like being inside of an aquarium.'

"Besides getting this incredibly intimate experience with the beautiful and impressive women of Guna Yala, the sailing lifestyle is something everyone should experience at least for a moment in time; it's truly freeing. I can't stop raving about this trip, and it has set the bar high for all future travels. I can't recommend this trip enough!"

-Brianna George

[Panama embroidery workshop]


"I'm still having sweet mezcal dreams after the Thread Caravan trip to Oaxaca. I strongly recommend getting to know the premise and values behind Thread Caravan, specifically its role in aiding the preservation and awareness of local artisans practicing their indigenous crafts."

-Sophia Mullin

[Oaxaca mezcal workshop]

Sarah Jules Thread Caravan Teotitlan.jpg

“I participated in the Oaxaca weaving trip and I could not be more impressed with the quality of experience curated by Caitlin and the Thread Caravan. The activities and itineraries were selected with thoughtfulness and kindness. The weaving itself, hosted by the women's collective Vida Vueva, was an unforgettable and rewarding experience. And last but not least every single meal was SO VERY delicious. I look forward to signing up for another adventure!”


[Oaxaca weaving workshop]


"I love textiles and I really wanted to explore the textile traditions of another culture. Serendipitously, Thread Caravan fell right into my lap and gave me the experience I was hoping for. The accommodations were amazing and helped to foster new friendships. I'll miss our late night conversations at the lake. Collaborating with the artisans and hearing their stories is an experience I'll never forget and Guatemala has so many beautiful sights, textures and colors to behold. I absolutely recommend taking an adventure to Guatemala with Thread Caravan."

-Amber Hooks

[Guatemala weaving workshop]


“This trip was the experience of a lifetime. I met the most amazing group of fellow travelers and together we enjoyed truly unique experiences curated and organized by Caitlin. I felt completely taken care of the whole trip and loved every moment. The highlight of course was learning to make my own hammock. Santos, our hammock teacher and Emily, our macrame instructor, were patient and encouraging. I found the process to be both fun and extremely empowering. To be able to walk away after this trip and to be able to say, "I made this hammock", is incredible.”

-Annalee Levin

[Mitla Hammock Retreat]

Lilian Banas Thread Caravan weaving in Oaxaca


"Our trip was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me and is something I will always remember. Everything was great: accommodations, restaurants, dyeing, weaving, food, swimming excursion, Bowie, and of course, all the Thread Caravan women. I especially enjoyed meeting Pastora and her cooperative and learning their story and the obstacles they've overcome. What an amazing woman and role model!"

-LilLian Banas

[Oaxaca weaving workshop]


¨My trip to Oaxaca with Thread Caravan was absolutely fabulous. It's a trip I never would have thought of doing myself. Thread Caravan took care of all of the details to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves while getting to know the culture and the people of Oaxaca. Because of this trip I want to go back to Oaxaca, but next time with my family to show them all of the amazing things I saw and learned.¨

-Elizabeth Herndon

[Oaxaca cooking + mezcal workshop]


"Thread Caravan took me on an adventure I wouldn't have been able to plan myself. From the hands-on experience and quality time with local artisans, to the incredible accommodations and delicious home-cooked meals - I couldn't imagine any better way to experience Guatemala and its beautiful culture."

-Kaleena Cano

[Guatemala weaving workshop]


"Thread Caravan has a unique ability to create experiences that are not only massively educational and adventurous, but also somehow leave the typical "touristy" vibe behind. Being able to travel with Caitlin and the Thread Caravan group to Guna Yala on the Panama trip was unbelievable. The places we saw were breathtaking and the people we were able to connect with shared meaningful stories with us. I am generally not a fan of "group travel" as I like to go off on my own, but I'd sign up for another Thread Caravan trip today."

-Kestrel Jenkins

[Panama sailing + embroidery workshop]

ali hays alichemy during a thread caravan guatemala weaving workshop


"Thread Caravan is an incredible experience and opportunity. I had the pleasure of connecting with and building relationships with fellow textile enthusiasts. Working with indigenous artisans and being let in on their sacred process was such an honor and a dream come true. I never thought something like this was possible, but Thread Caravan has bridged that gap between artisans and us. This journey broadened my perspective and changed my heart forever. I am so thankful this exists. Thread Caravan is a dream come true."

-Ali Hays

[Guatemala weaving workshop]

Cali Gabrielle tortilla by Thread Caravan by Karim Iliya- 0680.jpg

"As an avid traveller, I have been all over, but never have I felt such a special bond with a place as I did during the trip with Thread Caravan. This trip offers a completely unique style of travel, immersing you in the culture, traditions and language of the country. 

'I am not a seamstress, but I decided to try the Thread Caravan trip anyway. The art components were very engaging, even for people who don't consider themselves artists, and we had time for other fun activities (reading in the hammock, cooking with the locals in their village home, swimming in Lake Atitlan and more!)

'On top of having a wonderful vacation, I made some great friends and developed a fun new skill. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone interested in taking a vacation off the beaten path!"

-Cali Gabrielle

[Guatemala weaving workshop]

"I don't generally do 'organized travel', but the nature of this retreat was of very personal interest to me. I have been 'fiber crafty' since the age of 8 when my mom taught me to sew. I have also been to this very area of Guatemala before and absolutely adore it and the people. I am passionate about empowering women and supporting the continued growth of indigenous artistry. Thread Caravan provided a great outlet for all those interests."

-Helen Allen

[Guatemala weaving workshop]

"More than just a vacation, the Thread Caravan trip to Guatemala was an unforgettable experience. Learning the detailed Maya artistry, relaxing on Lake Atitlan, night sprawling through Antigua and indulging in local fare made this trip a true adventure and I have Thread Caravan to thank for it.

'I can't wait to see where they go next!"

-Jessica Strong

[Guatemala weaving workshop]

hammock retreat thread caravan and modern macrame

“An all-around amazing experience - everything from the inspiring artisans & local outings to the beautiful accommodations & delicious cuisine. The trip was impeccably well-organized with the perfect balance between scheduled activities and down-time. I left creatively rejuvenated…with a beautiful hammock (that I made!) and a crew of new friends. Caitlin & Emily were exquisite hosts, and I can’t wait for my next Thread Caravan adventure!”

-Caitlin Pardo de Zela

[Mitla Hammock Retreat]


"Thread Caravan was the perfect way to explore a culture. We got to experience the arts and the good, see the country and meet locals and travelers we wouldn't have otherwise met."

-Malachi Garff

[Guatemala weaving + Oaxaca cooking workshops]


"As a textile lover,  I was in heaven during the Thread Caravan trip to Guatemala, as were my fellow travelers. I was thrilled by our daily adventures - learning backstrap weaving, eating delicious food, staying in an eco-villa whose steps we climbed every morning to eat breakfast amongst the lush tropical flora/ I was floating on cloud nine the entire trip and afterwards." 

-Amanda Dixon

[Guatemala weaving workshop]

"Having never been to Mexico (or spoken Spanish) prior to the Thread Caravan Oaxaca trip, I was a little concerned about my ability to get around with ease. But from the moment I landed until the moment I left, I felt taken care of. My friend and I were greeted at pick up with snacks and a cool beverage. We even had personalized gift bags awaiting us in our rooms. I immediately got over my fear of the language and cultural barriers.

'Our trip leader and the people we encountered were friendly and eager to interact. My favorite part of the trip was spending time with the locals in their homes. The experience gives you an understanding of how all humans are similar and what a small world we live in. I'm looking forward to my next Thread Caravan experience!"

-Pam Ahern

[Oaxaca cooking + mezcal workshop]

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