Venture with Thread Caravan to the beautiful and bright city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Learn the traditional craft of making mezcal from agave plants. Connect with skilled farmers who have been working with the plant and the process for decades. Cook traditional Mexican dishes including mole with a renowned Mexican chef. When we're not eating and drinking our way around Oaxaca, we'll visit markets, learn about traditional ceramics processes, visit a cooperative of rug weavers and venture to natural springs on the side of a cliff.

D A T E S 

  • January 3 - 7, 2020

  • October 9 - 13, 2020 *overlaps with US Indigenous Peoples’ holiday

  • Choose your own dates. Already have a group of travelers you'd like to venture with? If you have 4 or more travelers, you can contact us to select your own dates. This option is great for work groups, craft groups, university students, bachelorette parties + more.

  • Email us to inquire about or suggest future dates.

P R I C I N G + P A Y M E N T

$1,450 (can be paid in full or in three separate installments including a $500 non-refundable deposit.)

Pricing is based on double-occupancy accommodation. A limited quantity of private rooms are available at an additional $350 cost.

Thread Caravan offers discounts to POC, students, teachers and guests from the countries in which workshops are being hosted. You can find more information and apply or donate to the program on our Inclusivity page.

C O S T   I N C L U D E S

  • In-Country Transportation: Thread Caravan covers all transportation within Oaxaca city, as soon as you arrive at the airport until you depart. We'll be taking a mix of shuttles and taxis.

  • All Meals: From street food to fine dining, you're taste buds will thank you for indulging in Mexican cuisine. We are able to accommodate vegetarians and other specialty diets, just let us know in advance. 

  • Education + Supplies: We offer a fair wage to farmers, chefs and guides. This price also includes all supplies for cooking and making mezcal. 

  • Double Occupancy Accommodation: Our group will be staying at a boutique bed and breakfast with lots of plants and tasteful local decor. Because the bed and breakfast is a small boutique establishment, rooms will be double occupancy. If you're traveling with a friend you'd like to share a room with, please let us know. ***Single-occupancy accommodation is available at $300 extra.

  • Extra Excursions: We'll be venturing to Hierve el Agua, natural spring fed infinity pools on the side of a cliff, as well as ancient Zapotec ruins.

  • Support: We will have a local and foreign guide accompanying the group, offering participants their combined knowledge of the country, while making sure everything runs smoothly. In addition, Thread Caravan staff is available to answer questions and assist with trip preparations. 

  • Carbon Emissions Offset: We’ve partnered with Trees for the Future to plant 50 tress on your behalf in order to offset the carbon emissions of your travel to Mexico. Please contact us if you’d like us to plant additional trees on your behalf.

A D D I T I O N A L   E X P E N S E S

  • Alcoholic Drinks: Thread Caravan does not cover the cost of alcoholic beverages (*except where noted in itinerary)

  • Airfare: We've found that flights from the U.S. to Oaxaca range from approximately $350 - $700 depending on the airline and how far in advance you book. *Tip: It is often more affordable to fly to Mexico City and then take a separate flight to Oaxaca. We are happy to help you arrange transportation to Oaxaca or put you in touch with a travel agent. 

  • Personal Travel Insurance: We require all participants to have personal travel insurance. This will cover things like illness, flight cancellations, theft, etc. We can help you arrange insurance with a provider. 

G E T T I N G   T O   O A X A C A

The Thread Caravan Mezcal + Mole trip starts and ends at the airport in Oaxaca, Mexico. You get there and we'll handle the rest. If you need help booking a flight, please contact us.

We ask that all travelers arrive before 5pm on Saturday February 15th to ensure making our group dinner and orientation. If you choose to arrive a day early, we can help you arrange accommodation for the first night.

O T H E R   I N F O

  • Vaccinations: Routine vaccinations, Hepatitis A and Typhoid are suggested by the Center for Disease Control. If you are traveling from a country with Yellow Fever, it is required that you have a Yellow Fever vaccination. 

  • VISA: A VISA is not required for citizens of the United States if traveling to Mexico for under 180 days. If you are a citizen of another country you can check VISA requirements here. 

  • Passport Validity: In order to enter Mexico, your passport must be valid for at least 90 days following your departure date. You must also have at least one blank page in your passport.

¿ P R E G U N T A S ? Contact us.

Words from Past Travelers:

"Having never been to Mexico (or spoken Spanish) prior to the Thread Caravan Oaxaca trip, I was a little concerned about my ability to get around with ease. But from the moment I landed until the moment I left, I felt taken care of. My friend and I were greeted at pick up with snacks and a cool beverage. We even had personalized gift bags awaiting us in our rooms. I immediately got over my fear of the language and cultural barriers.

'Our trip leader and the people we encountered were friendly and eager to interact. My favorite part of the trip was spending time with the locals in their homes. The experience gives you an understanding of how all humans are similar and what a small world we live in. I'm looking forward to my next Thread Caravan experience!"

-Pam Ahern

"I'm still having sweet mezcal dreams after the Thread Caravan trip to Oaxaca. I strongly recommend getting to know the premise and values behind Thread Caravan, specifically its role in aiding the preservation and awareness of local artisans practicing their indigenous crafts."

-Sophia Mullin

"My trip to Oaxaca with Thread Caravan was absolutely fabulous. It's a trip I never would have thought of doing myself. Thread Caravan took care of all of the details to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves while getting to know the culture and the people of Oaxaca. Because of this trip I want to go back to Oaxaca, but next time with my family to show them all of the amazing things I saw and learned."

-Elizabeth Herndon

More trip reviews from past travelers here.

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OAXACA // Mezcal, Maiz y Mole // October 2020
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