Caitlin Ahern | Founder + TRIP LEADER

Fusing her backgrounds in artistic design, sociology and education with her love for travel and human connection, Thread Caravan was a natural evolution in Caitlin’s path.

While she has experience with various mediums (ceramics, painting and glass blowing to name a few), textiles remain her primary source of creative inspiration.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Caitlin has also called New Orleans, New York, Maui, Cambodia, Guatemala and now Mexico home. She believes people are the key to getting to know a place and seeks to create authentic connection wherever she is.

tais Kuri thread caravan


Originally from Guerrero, México, and having called Oaxaca home for 10 years, Taïs is well acquainted with the communities we connect with during our Oaxaca workshops. 

A past government assistant, and student of cocktails, Taïs is both organized and makes sure the small detailed tasks get completed, while also being social and accommodating to all our travelers. 


Estefania Gamarra | Panama Guide

Originally from Bolivia, but having called Denver, Colorado home for several years, Stef decided to embark on a backpacking journey through South and Central America en route to Mexico. When she arrived in Guna Yala, Panama, she effortlessly decided to stay. Nine months living with a Guna community has since turned into buying her own sailboat, starting a charter company and living the island life for several years and counting. 

Stef's laid back and positive attitude is infectious. When spending time with Stef during our Panama trip, you'll quickly adapt to the island lifestyle yourself.

Lisa Jennings | Guatemala Guide

Environmental educator, adventure guide, dancer, nature freak, culture junkie, and new mother: Lisa's titles are expansive.  Originally from Canada, Lisa's love for travel is long-standing. She's now been living in Guatemala for 7 years, consciously connecting to the country's land and people. Her newest endeavor: starting a family here with her Guatemalan partner and fellow guide. 

As a past performer, Lisa knows how to captivate a crowd. She will keep you entertained on our Guatemala trip with information about indigenous histories and environmental projects, plus lots of laughs!

Kandra Ehrman | Panama Artisan Coordinator

Kandra is part of the Guna indigenous group and spent her childhood living on the Guna Yala islands. When she was of age, she got permission from the community elders to venture to Panama City to study sustainable tourism at university.

Kandra frequently returns to Guna Yala, facilitating small-scale tours in the area. She speaks Spanish and Guna. In addition to acting as our Guna language translator and artisan liaison, she has a wealth of knowledge to offer about her culture and heritage.

Special Thanks to

Shannon Hill of Yoga Caravan for her time, energy, feedback and ideas during the startup period of Thread Caravan. 

Photographers Karim IliyaTropico Photo, Sophia MullinDrew McGill, Falcon Related,  Luis CardenasPaula Harding and Leah Pellegrini

Graphic designer Brianna George

proud member of the Female Founder Collective and Artisan Alliance.