In part two of our company birthday post, we're looking to the future. This past year has been momentous and wonderful and we've accomplished so much (see part 1)... which means we are already cooking up some bold plans for the future. 

Here we'll share our top 3 goals with you: 


1. New Destinations

Since Thread Caravan's inception, we've made many artisan contacts whom we'd like to work with all over the world. Planning conservatively, we hope to launch two new destinations this upcoming year: both outside of the Latin American region we're currently working in, and both focusing on art forms we don't currently work with. Sign up for our email list or follow us on Instagram to be in the loop when the new trips go live.

In addition to these week-long immersive trips, we're planning to start a pop-up workshop series with resettled refugee artisan instructors in Atlanta. More on that later.

2. Customized Trips

While we've offered private group trips for a while now, we are now offering custom private trips. In particular we'd like to host designers interested in having a more transparent and ethical supply chain, connecting them with skilled artisans who can bring their designs to life keeping the quality over quantity ethos in mind. We would also like to host interior designers interested in sourcing handmade artisan goods for various projects. 

We believe that small-scale handmade artisan production has the ability to improve living standards in marginalized communities while being a more envrionmentally viable option than factory production. Thread Caravan trips spread knowledge and appreciation of the handmade process and we'd like to share that knowledge with designers, bringing them closer to their production and an ethical supply chain.

3. Making Trips Accessible to Everyone

We believe traveling has great potential to increase empathy and shift perspectives to a more peaceful, sustainable and open-minded worldview. We believe travel should be accessible to everyone, not just the privledged who can afford it.  Thus, we'd like to partner with a non-profit organization to host several groups of teen travelers who come from marginalized communities and show an interest in art and wouldn't have the opportunity to attend a Thread Caravan trip without the assistance of organizations implementing this goal.



We have more up our sleeves, but for now we'll start by sharing these favorites. We look forward to telling you more as the details unfold this coming year.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped us get to this point, watching us grow and/or growing with us. Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions about our plans moving forward. We are excited to continue to connect with our community on these projects and more!