Mexican cocktail queen Taïs Kuri joined us for our most recent pilot trip in Oaxaca (testing out a ceramics itinerary) and will be coming along on more trips in the future (both weaving and mezcal + mole). As someone from Guerrero, mezcal's second home, and someone who lived in Oaxaca, mezcal's first home, for almost 10 years -- she is no novice to the spirit and its diverse character. 

We caught up with Taïs in her Mexico City apartment to talk mezcal, Mexico and our visions for the future... and to make a special mezcal cocktail for all of you Thread Caravan amigos. 

When I entered Taïs' home, she greeted me with a warning that her friend was on a phone meeting in her bedroom loft. It's a regular occurrence for friends to pass in and out of Taïs' home with comfort and ease. Taïs is one of those people that makes you feel special and taken care of instantly. When you're in her light-filled apartment commonly referred to by friends as the Himalayan Book Cafe, you feel you belong, from the moment you are greeted with a drink to the moments when you are invited to share your thoughts and feelings of the day. 

tais kuri himalayan book cafe home apartment
himalayan book cafe with tais kuri cocktails

Taïs was the perfect addition to our recent Oaxaca trip and we look forward to more collaborations in the future. In the meantime, here is the cocktail we crafted especially for you caravaners...

This cocktail has several ingredients quintessential to Oaxaca: agave, flowers and even insects. It tastes best if prepared with a true Mexican mentality: "The heart is not the only way to find love." (The stomach is the next best place to find it).

You'll need: mezcal, lemons, pineapple, agave syrup, chapulines (grasshoppers), ice and flor de jamaica (hibiscus flower) salt. The measurements given are suitable for one large or two small cocktails.

lemon cocktail

Add 40ml of fresh-squeezed lemon juice.

agave syrup

Add 20ml of agave syrup. 

pineapple cocktail ingredients

Add 30ml of fresh pineapple juice. 

espadin mezcal

Add 50ml of mezcal. We used espadin mezcal from our Mezcal + Mole trip. 

chapulines for cocktail

Add a dash (about 5) of chapulines. Muddle into your shaker. 

lemon and salt the rim.jpg

Garnish the rim of your cup with lemon juice and Flor de Jamaica salt. 

cool your cocktail with ice

Cool your cocktail. Add ice to the shaker and shake it up. Add smaller pieces of ice to your cup. 

pour cooled drink

Pour shaken + cooled cocktail into cup over ice. 

finished cocktail by tais kuri

If you'd like to get to know Taïs or mezcal better, come #jointhecaravan for our Mezcal + Mole trip in Oaxaca.

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