When The Rise founder Virginia Dooley reached out to us about working together for the launch of the Rise's Indiegogo campaign, the answer was "yes" with little hesitation. The Rise vision is similar to that of Thread Caravan's: creating quality goods that honor traditional artisanal skills from the corners of the globe.

The Rise works to combine characteristics of quality, transparency, sustainability and affordability in each of the modern heirlooms they craft. Current product samples include a naturally-dyed, durable wool rug made in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, a handwoven berber basket made by a co-op of women in Morocco, and a sustainable teak and high-quality leather chair crafted in Guatemala, all with timeless designs. 

Said best on their website: "When 'global' became a decor trend, it seemed an opportunity for artisan communities around the world to be recognized for their inherited skills and rich culture. Unfortunately as craft became big business, cultural appropriation ran rampant. Cheap reproductions of global "inspired" clothing and knickknacks fill shops worldwide. At the same time, authentic artisan goods are being pushed further into the luxury space retaining their true value but with fewer shoppers able to access them. As well, the expense is hard to justify when transparency of the true origin and its creation method of a luxury item is lacking." We couldn't agree more, and detail this same dilemma in our Ethical Shopping Guide

With 50+ years of combined professional experience in areas of marketing, photography, international development, web development + operations, the all-female team of The Rise is working to break the mold of the current global goods marketplace. The Rise will honor the artisans and their respective crafts, giving them resources to grow their skills and businesses, all while bringing customers quality and affordable global goods with transparency of the good's production chain. 

So, yes! We were up for the collaboration...

We've teamed up with The Rise to offer a custom artisan adventure in Guatemala, connecting with both their weaving and woodworking partners. For a $2,500 donation to their Indiegogo campaign, you will not only help fund the launch of their business, but you'll also receive an all-inclusive 5 day trip exploring the nature and artisan culture of Guatemala. From the colonial town of Antigua to the volcano-surrounded Lake Atitlan, the trip will have the Thread Caravan hands-on artisanal touch, all while getting to learn more about the brand and their global impact. Upon arrival in Guatemala you'll also receive a thank you gift bag with custom The Rise x Thread Caravan artisan-made items. 

thread caravan artisan travel guatemala 2.png

Join the trip by donating to the campaign here.