One of my greatest concerns regarding Thread Caravan is our impact on the environment. While we are working to bridge gaps between different cultures and communities, flights are one of the fastest ways to increase your carbon footprint. So, we’re making a commitment to offset our carbon emissions (and our travelers’) by donating to an organization committed to planting trees, Trees for the Future.

We’ve started this initiative by funding the planting of 10,000 trees. We’ll continue this carbon offset program throughout Thread Caravan’s lifetime — planting 50 trees for each traveler who joins a trip, and giving travelers the option to add more trees to their trip purchase. When you’re booking a workshop, simply add the “Carbon Offset : Plant 500 Trees” to your cart, and we will donate an additional 500 trees on your behalf.

This is really just a very small step in the work we should all be doing to improve environmental and living conditions. We are excited to share this next step with you all. We invite you to support us in our efforts, and to find your own ways to improve the world poco a poco, little by little.

El Tule Tree Oaxaca Thread Caravan.png

Pictured here: el Tule tree in Oaxaca. She is estimated to be approximately 1500 years old.