When we first met Tim and Amy while living in Antigua, Guatemala, we thought it a shame they didn't live in Oaxaca because we knew they would be the perfect pair to lead our Oaxaca trip.

Fast forward several months and they've since relocated to the vibrant Mexican city. In Oaxaca the duo is working on filming documentaries about food, drink and art with their company Boca Local. They're also helping open a new creative hub in the city, Convivio.   

Tim and Amy make the perfect pair: one boisterous and entertaining, the other impeccably thoughtful and caring. They're adventurous, they speak Spanish, and the only thing they love more than food might be mezcal... or their sweet pup Lyla. 

The duo will spend the next 7 months traveling around North and South America working on a documentary. When they settle back in Oaxaca in February, they'll be showing off their home city and hosting the next Thread Caravan Oaxaca trip

See y'all in Oaxaca!