Now offering custom group trips in Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Cambodia, Iceland and New Orleans. You choose the dates and who will #jointhecaravan and we create a trip with the artisanal Thread Caravan touch.

Who This Trip is For:

This trip is perfect for:

  • designers wanting to source materials directly from artisans, allowing them greater social impact and a better understanding of their supply chain
  • honeymooners who want to do something unique
  • university Spring Break + Summer Break trips
  • work retreats / corporate responsibility trips
  • bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • birthday celebrations
  • groups of friends and/or family wanting to have a unique experience without worrying about all the logistics

Trips Available in (+ Itinerary Suggestions):

  • Guatemala // backstrap weaving, hiking volcanoes, motorcycle touring
  • Mexico // making mezcal, wood carving, weaving, + epic natural landscapes
  • Panama // sailing, embroidery with Guna people, beadwork with Embera people, sustainable farm stay
  • Cambodia // visiting Siem Reap and ancient Khmer ruins, karaoke night in Phnom Penh, Apsara dance lessons, visiting an *ethical elephant sanctuary, island hopping
  • Iceland // watching the aurora borealis, sheering sheep + spinning wool, hiking glaciers
  • New Orleans // second line parades, live funk concerts, kayaking in the swamps, Cajun cuisine


The best part of our custom trips is you get to choose your own dates.

Payment / How it Works:

  1. Our team is going to craft the best trip possible for you, taking into account your budget, time frame and interests. We ask that you commit to the trip by paying a $300 non-refundable deposit, so that you know we mean business.
  2. Our team will talk with you or the leader of your group to map out the logistics of the trip: activities, number of people, duration, accommodation, etc. Trip pricing will vary depending on these logistics. Thread Caravan will make all the necessary reservations for the duration of your trip.
  3. Once your itinerary is complete, you can choose to travel with just your group or be accompanied by someone from the Thread Caravan team.
  4. For an extra cost, we can also bring a photographer from our team to document your journey. (*This is a particularly good idea for designers interested in connecting with artisans for a collection. With a photographer you will be able to document the story behind your brand and your production process). 

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